Leaders’ Fellowship

One of the objectives of Smart City Perth is to create a global city with reach

Residents – Tourists – Students 

It’s important to note that Smart City Perth has many avenues it desires to explore, however to simplify its core vision, Smart City Perth has prepared a simple three minute presentation for your consideration and involvement. 

Smart City Perth is growing in support and we look forward over the coming months to equally support and promote our partners services. 

Join other Fellows at our next meet and greet

Perth, It’s our City

Builders, Lawyers, Developers, Investors, Trades, Trainers, Academics, Engineers, Educators, Philosophers, Philanthropists, Change agents, Futurists, Horticulturalists, Artists, Sports Professionals, Business Owners, Diplomats, Politicians, Landlords, Interns, NGOs and anyone else that wants to make a difference.. go to the Smart City Perth Events page for other upcoming events.

Smart City Perth only promote those that are aligned with its ethos of nurturing social responsibility. Smart City Perth is not membership based but rather an association of like-minded Fellows.  

Service Providers are a dime a dozen, pick one you can trust. 


Smart City Perth Blog is an independent blog and is not affiliated with any other organisation. It is designed to stir critical thought and wholesome leadership.
We welcome guest bloggers that are in tune with the theme of Smart City Perth to submit their blogs for approval. Smart City Perth may also from time to time add news stories from other providers that relate to the Smart City Perth project ‘Developing a global city with a social conscience’
Disclaimer – It is important to note that the views of the Principle Facilitator of Smart City Perth (Mr Tom Smilovitis) may vary from time to time with anyone that is supportive of this initiative. Furthermore, each person and organisation in fellowship with Smart City Perth must be assessed on their own opinions and merits.
Smart City Perth ‘Leaders’ Fellowship’ aim is to create a meeting of the minds and execute change within our sphere of influence based on common law and good conscience
Info: Principle Facilitator  Mr Tom Smilovitis 
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