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Smart City Perth aims to stir the imagination of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs connecting more people to further possibilities. We must have a larger vision than ourselves to create a global city with social capital at its core.

The only way to measure the SMART CITY SPACE is the affect it has on the community as a whole.

Together with visionaries and government bodies we can unleash technicians and investors to achieve great things.

Smart City Perth will launch a campaign later in 2019 called 2020 Perfect Vision Symposium. Currently we are collaborating with numerous organisations and professionals to make this happen. 

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Disclaimer – It is important to note that the views of the principle facilitator of Smart City Perth (Tom Smilovitis) may vary from time to time with anyone that is supportive of this initiative.

Each person and organisation must be assessed on their own opinions and merits.

Smart City Perth ‘Leaders Fellowship’ aim to create a meeting of the minds based on common law and good conscience.

Smart City Blog is an independent blog and is not affiliated with any other organisation.

The blog encourages critical thought and wholesome leadership.

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