Disrupt or be disrupted

The last shall be first and first shall be last. ~ a 2000 year old parable on success 

We have a choice to enhance our lives through the power of technology or be swallowed up by it.

One of the greatest challenges we have in the new world of technology is to understand how to harness its true power and not be duped by its twin counterfeit.

Counterfeit Technology is making people busier, mentally fatigued and less productive. This is at the expense of critical thinking, intuition and analysis.

To embrace technology without embracing the spirit of humanity dulls every sense that brings meaning to life. 

Don’t allow the counterfeit techno wiz that is busy, mentally fatigued and unproductive to poison you.

Technology comes from two Greek words combining the arts and logic – the intent is the dovetailing of the heart and mind, not just the mind.

I’m often mused by phone calls and emails I receive as I’m berated by someones technology muscle, they disconnect their heart and only engage their mind; thinking they can intimidate me through a technicality.

I also experienced this recently in a legal setting at the state arbitration tribunal. I had to listen to technical legal jargon void of humanity and truth. The smugness of regulations and law, forcing critical thinking, intuition and analysis to be thrown out the door, dehumanising all parties.

Technology without heart will unravel us, revealing ones true ignorance and void of the human condition. I find it difficult as anyone would to serve a heartless person or system, they inevitably go to the back of the line in my motivation to assist.

Embrace technology with and heart and mind and refuse to just to become more tech savvy, it will protect the counterfeit technology pitfalls which is aimed at making us less authentic.

If our authenticity is for sale in the hope of greater success, technology will chew us up and spit us out. 

I challenge you to be truly disruptive by thinking and acting in ways that makes the world a better place and technology will yield to the greater good. (Success is inevitable) 

Disrupt or be disrupted