To our youth – We dream too small

Discovering we dream too small

To any young upcoming leader

In my late teens I had a dream that I’d travel the world and teach ethics & faith, make a difference and be an encouragement every place I set my feet.

For thirteen years starting at seventeen years of age I worked tirelessly developing my skills to reach my dream. From a radical street ministry to the establishment of new church communities both in Perth & Melbourne I excelled in them all.

At thirty years of age I reached my dream spending the next few years travelling around the world teaching ethics & faith trying to make a difference hopefully being an encouragement every place I set my feet.

After visiting over 100 different cites and communities and conducting thousands of meetings, I came to the realisation I dreamt too small and I knew so little about life, ethics, faith and what it truly meant to make a difference.

At the young age of fifty three I’ve spent the last thirty three years redefining my dreams and what it means to be ethical, live a life of faith and being able to offer true encouragement.

Two ways I know if I’m still on the right path

1. Am I still hungry to learn?

2. Am I still influencing those at the grassroots level?

…and on both counts the answer is YES and YES

I love helping young people reach their dreams and then be there for them when they discover like me they dreamt too small.

I encourage you to dream so big that it requires ethics to sustain you, faith to inspire you and fruit that will perpetually enthuse you.

Let me give you the heads up on how to dream big.

‘Don’t make money the height of your dream, make it one of many means to it. Don’t make a position as an end goal, make it leveraging tool and don’t let your ego be the peak; sacrifice it for something greater than self and then you’ll know what it is to live a life of meaning.’

Allow the fingerprints of your life to make the world a better place because of your larger than life dreams.

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