I don’t want a job – I want a reason

To any up and coming leader, they may offer you a job, but no one can ever give you your reason. If you have a dream don’t settle for a job.

It’s all bogus – High school guidance officers helping young people plot out a career or recruitment companies trying to profile you for a job role.

I remember being interviewed by the HR person and they had all the forms that were meant to profile my suitability for a role. In all their efforts to pigeon-hole me, they looked lost themselves. By the end of the interview, I spent some time encouraging the HR person to think about what they wanted out of life and to back themselves. The HR person smiled at the interview as they realised we switched roles and that I wasn’t looking for a job, I was looking for a reason. Unfortunately that company had nothing to offer me other than a job so I declined the offer to stay on.

In my forty years of work life, I’ve engaged in all sorts of work for pay but by enlarge they were a means to an end in my early years. What was really important to me was adding skills that would launch me into my reason for getting up.

Over the years I’ve gotten better at not letting the work for pay define me. If I’ve cleaned toilets and I’ve cleaned a few, this isn’t who I am. If I’ve worn pure wool pin striped suits, sat around a board table or negotiate deals and I’ve done a few, this too isn’t who I am.

What I do to pay the bills and what gives me reason to get up have had great moments of synergy, intertwining skills and meaning. I’ve also had great moments where the two were worlds were apart and I developed new skills to add to my journey.

It’s my reason for waking up each day that allows me to make a difference where ever I turn up to provide a service and never the other way around. 

Some people have suggested that I have a disorder or its genetics that makes me unrealistically optimistic about life. They see my enthusiasm and hope as misguided. What most don’t appreciate is the darkness that I’ve endured to appreciate the light I currently have in my life. I have every reason to see my ridiculous dreams come true and my enthusiasm comes from a knowing in who I am, my reason for being in this world.

To any up and coming leader, they may offer you a job, but no one can ever give you your reason.  If you have a dream don’t settle for a job.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPic taken at Lake Leschenaultia nestled in the Perth hills, enjoying the view and contemplating the possibilities of life.

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