Who deserves what? I’m about to sip a coffee that 3 billion people have to work two days for

$5.90 and it’s gone

When I think of world poverty and the vast opportunity we as a collective have to make a difference.

My mum reminded me many times before she died at ninety-three years of age, a story that typifies the extreme changes to our family when we migrated to Australia in 1968.

Within a few months of landing on the docks of Fremantle, Western Australia, mum and dad worked and worked and worked squirreling money away. They bought their first home (more of a shack) within months of landing, an unthinkable dream from where they came from.

Mum goes on to share with me a story when I was five years old “When I prepared your breakfast and you saw that I poured milk into the bowl, you stopped me anxiously telling me that I forgot to put water in the milk” …mum in her old age laughed reminiscing and then finishes her story “I then tell you, we are in Australia, this is a land of plenty, you can have all the milk you want, no more mixing water with the milk for it to go around the whole family” then I watch mum smile, living long and free of poverty.

When I think of that story, I can’t help but think of mothers that would wish of nothing more than to give milk to their children without rationing.

Mothers will go to extremes to care for their young, they should be at the forefront of eliminating poverty if we’d let them.

Having said that, I enjoyed my coffee and will do what I can to bless a person or two.

When I think of world poverty and the vast opportunity we as a collective have to make a difference, it stirs up all sorts of possibilities.

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