Building smart cities must inhabit the soul, otherwise they’re nothing more than elaborate mausoleums

Communities can thrive in smart cities if they’re designed by the community minded.

The ability we have to inhabit the stratosphere is genius.

With apartment and office buildings reaching the skies and technology orchestrated right through the city infrastructure.

We just have to keep in mind to include the soul to the splendor..

…marble floors, solid doors encircled with botanical gardens carrying dead men’s bones when we build just for profit.

The greatest cities of the world know how to build up into the stratosphere, deep beneath the earth and right into the hearts of the people.

1. Design our cities beyond electoral terms

2. Design them with the freedom of the imagination, not with the codes and regulation noose

3. Ask three questions and the design will come

– Can they be built

– Are they sustainable

– Will a multi-generational community benefit

Calling all next generation leaders, futurists, doers, artists, engineers, builders, architects, farmers, musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs… to the table

Urbanisation is not going away and we must build smarter cities with a soul to feed, house and secure 10 billion people by 2050.

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