The modern market works on scarcity

How is it we can produce more yet we waste so much?, because the modern market thrives on scarcity. We in the modern age call a yield of 10% as an excellent return on an investment, yet in nature the yield is abundant which has no percentage.

The origin of man was birthed in abundance and sustainability is nothing more than returning to our origins.

As custodians of the earth we have an obligation to regenerate, which is more than being a hipster, it’s a return to the earth and giving it back its respect.

The architect of the universe has designed the earth in such a way that it will give you back what you put in.

The warning signs over the last 100 years of industrialisation, urbanisation and new technology are evident, we are not curbing greed and the earth is resetting itself with epic balancing mechanisms.

Mental health, social well being and sustainability cannot be governed by those that disregard humanity as a whole.

Take time out and walk through a Forrest, plant an olive tree, support farmers, nature lovers and those that honour Mother Nature’s code.

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