PERTH – Let’s Build at least 200 more Concerto’s please

We must get with the times if we’re going to be a real world class SMART CITY.

Perth has all the trappings of a world class city and is well within reach of creating the smartest city in the world if it would slow down its urban sprawl and focus on populating our inner city hubs.

If we were to build another 200 38 story apartments like the Concerto Apartments building located in East Perth we’d facilitate approximately another 100,000 people within the greater CBD of Perth and we’d still be years behind Melbourne or Sydney.

It’s not a matter of should we, it’s a matter of how can we?

City of Perth must prepare itself for the growth right through its 20 square kms plus of inner city space as well as other major city hubs within the greater Perth in order to bring a 24/7 heart beat like any world class city.

With its current 20,000 plus residents in the inner city how do we expect this city to be to be put on the world map?

The world is waiting to participate in filling our universities with students as well as international businesses making Perth a Head Office home to their interests within Asia.

Let’s see that number grow by at least another 100,000 in the inner city to begin walking the walk and talking the talk calling our selves a Smart City.

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