Every knee will bow at some point in life

When we’re young, we bow our knee with enthusiasm to all sorts of loyalties, confessing our allegiances to family, best friends, team, career, country, beliefs etc…

Out of our youthful strength with our hand holding the sword tight, ready to stand and fight without a second thought.

When we’re older, we often bow our knee out of weakness as we hold the sword to keep us steady. We are willing to stay down longer than our youthful days, hoping to hear wisdom, the voice of God or find peace for all the shallow loyalties and the collateral damage we caused.

We will all bow our knee at some point in life, we just have to figure out why and what’s worth fighting for?

The above picture was sketched by a brilliant artist and friend, Mark Bruning. It depicts a soldier bowed before his God given conscience, ready to stand only in obedience to his conscience even at the cost of his life, rather than just obey orders.

I witnessed such unconditional love, peace and strength that I’m yet to experience in its intensity watching my ageing mother in her nineties exemplify what it is to bow before conscience and walk a life of honour.

I pray every generation gets to experience such a life.

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