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Blockbuster’s Death – SWOT is forever at our heels


I walked through the second last Blockbuster store at Morley, Western Australia and watched the remains of a store getting picked apart to get a bargain. The store is set to close at the end of March 2019.

I’ve been renting movies from here for years and used the family cat’s name as the password. It was a sad moment of nostalgia and the passing of time.

Death is forever knocking on our door looking to take us into the business graveyard.

Blockbuster at its heights employed over 84,000 people with over 9,000 locations world wide. The Blockbuster model was brilliant but even they couldn’t anticipate the speed of technology and the convenience of the competition. With new emerging services like Netflix, Stan or YouTube and Smart devices, Blockbuster became a dinosaur.

No matter how brilliant our ideas are or the current success of our business is the threat of being consumed is ever present.

I love the SWOT model of self analysis and at the same time I don’t allow it to occupy my thoughts too much. SWOT is a great prodding tool to remind us if we’re not growing in life, we’re going. SWOT helps identify our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

Being honest about the four following areas in our business/ life will help to equip us in order to adapt or we die.


Qualify your Strengths?

Where are the Weaknesses?

Do you know where you can create new Opportunities?

Is your competitor or your complacency posing Threats?

Once we determine these, we must remain vigilant to maintain our cutting edge. We must also know when our time has come to change yet again.

Like a reptilian, shedding our skin of outdated methods allows us to keep moving forward. Blockbuster may have survived the digital storm by adapting to streaming. Respectfully we all have to die sometime, or do we?

We need to remember that principles are timeless and methods are forever changing and don’t mix the two.

What we can do today to stay alive?

Stay relevant by auditing your business/ life on a regular basis. This will hold you stay on track and be accountable as you ask the right questions and exercise transparency and action.

Women’s International Day – Millions who endured and shined in darkness

Women who birthed leaders need to be celebrated

Women’s International Day must be recognised because of the millions of women like my mother who endured unbelievable hardship in quietness. These types of women influenced future leaders to be individuals of integrity.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life?

My mother more than any other person taught me to live by a good conscience and to be a person of my word.

Mum would often work two jobs while raising her children. She managed money brilliantly and kept an impeccable home. In her aging years you would hear her say “I chased the sun just so I could be in the garden for one more hour in the evening”. Mum was the envy of many who had a much easier life because she stood tall in a world filled with hardship.

Mum’s first husband was missing in action during war and her one year old child was torn from her arms and fostered out. Like a slave along with thousands of other women, mum was sent to rebuild cities in Eastern Europe as a labourer.

After many years alone, mum met dad and it was love at first sight. We migrated to Australia, mum and dad with three children, a place she called her promised land.

The woman always had money squirreled somewhere – We always had a brilliant meal waiting and quality clothes – Love abounded and she let us find our way

My mother was a committee of one because she knew what she wanted. When her doctor visited us on her death bed he said with a smile “Sofia died on her own terms” she was ninety three years of age.

I’m so fortunate to have been raised by a lady who lived the wisdom that was depicted of a virtuous woman found in the book of proverbs. It describes a woman’s character that was led by wisdom. I was also fortunate to find my own woman of virtue, my beloved wife.

To all the women who celebrate Women’s International Day, I commend to shine and raise future leaders void of gender and filled with character.

The above picture was taken of mum’s third great grandson speaking to her in a couple of Greek words. He filled her heart with such joy in her nineties.

Great grandson marveled at her joy, don’t you just love innocence.

‘get M.A.D with us’ Belinda is MAD

A chance meeting with a real M.A.D (Making a difference) person

She’s soft natured, softly spoken but a lioness beneath her slight build.

I stumbled upon this pop up shop in the heart of Midland and the message is clear, it’s about social responsibility in our own back yard and effecting communities thousands of miles away.

Belinda tells me about the companies and products she supports are always being researched to verify a positive effect in society.

I asked Belinda, why she’s giving her time, energy and money into this project when she obviously is working through her own setbacks.

Belinda shares how she received a gift a couple of years back in the form of a transplant and feels that she’s honouring the person that she’s never met but gave the ultimate for her to be alive.

Belinda wakes up every morning with a sense of purpose.

I dig a little further and find out about her upbringing and what motivates her.

Belinda casually shares how her family have fostered 14 children and her heart goes out to children that don’t stand a chance as custodians of the state.

Belinda clearly reflects the spirit of a social entrepreneur taking her passion into the courts looking to change a broken system.

“After you give these children a safe home and nurtured them with love, it’s heartbreaking to give them back knowing the children won’t get the love they deserve”

People like Belinda, a local champion of everything that really matters isn’t alone in the struggle for a social conscience to thread us into a wholesome society.

Look up and see if you resonate with Belinda and may want to assist by buying products that make a difference.

She’s about to launch an online business.

More power to her.

Directions 2031 will have Perth CBD look like Gotham if it doesn’t adapt.

Perth City takes the most amazing Ariel pics. If you lived in South of Perth, the vista is to die for but after 6pm in the Perth CBD, welcome to Zombie land.

I’d like to take all the city planners for a walk through our beautiful city after 6pm to feel what I feel, all dressed up and nowhere to go.

We are doing ourselves a disservice if we keep on thinking like 1950s America’s automotive and suburban spread.

It’s not smart, it’s not sustainable.

Since the mining boom has settled and the one speed economy continues to hit the back pocket of normal Western Australians, we must rethink what we’re doing with our 20sq km of the CBD.

Mining companies will continue to get smarter and more profitable in the way they function which means less jobs for the unskilled that have been overpaid for decades. Unions can’t change this trend, our wishful thinking can’t change this trend.

The Perth CBD must become the entrance statement to the greater city of Perth and Western Australia or we might follow in the footsteps of Detroit and decline as a population and a place of opportunity.

Throwing money at promoting Western Australia as the place to visit and spend big when our city closes at 5pm is a little naive, especially if we’re to attract people to the most isolated city in the world.

Perth City Centre must grow in residential living, student residence and tourism by another 100,000 to create our own unique eco hub and attract world attention.

Smart Cities must be measured by the effect they have on their citizens and Perth must rethink its approach when planning into the future.

Directions 2031 won’t cut it.

Lets be mindful to create a bigger pie that all citizens benefit in an ever changing world. Rather than be influenced by greenfield smart city concepts, we can retrofit Perth CBD to be the most accomodating and influential Global Smart City.

It’s our city.

The Fellowship was replaced with the Firm

Building a Fellowship is an art form of hidden sacrifice and private devotion.

Building a Firm is strategic, exhausting and filled with collateral damage.

I was once a part of a world wide Fellowship and I thought nothing of sacrifice and devotion towards those I considered brothers and sisters in the faith.

The transition between Fellowship & Firm was subtle and insidious when brother would turn against brother under the guise of loyalty to the course and the spirit of sacrifice and devotion seemed lost forever.

In recent years I’ve been privileged to revisit Fellowship with the most unlikely people. One by one they are appearing and our hearts are being knit in Fellowship.

I can only say, God is faithful, God is true and has not forgotten us.

Stay true to conscience and they’ll come from everywhere wanting the liberty you have fought for in the secret place.

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