Dream Builders Care

A low cost supermarket and cafe in the heart of Midland, Perth Western Australia.

A perfect example of Re-Habitation of Commercial Real Estate.

It’s the moment you meet individuals like Ursula that you begin to appreciate the term ‘Making a difference’

The picture behind Ursula is apt to describe her mother’s heart in all the work she does, working with broken youth.

Always pushing the boundaries, always making the most out of the circumstances, Ursula doesn’t understand ‘It’s not possible’

I walk around the store and facilities before I surprise Ursula that I’m on site and of course, it’s all happening, the place is completely run by volunteers. It’s buzzing with life, a property I’m familiar with, a property always struggling to get the right tenant, until Dream Builders Care rock up.

Ursula is challenging the status quo of opportunity by training those struggling to get a job, those that society doesn’t quite know what to do with.

While sitting in Ursula’s office, a young lady rocks up ready for work, she looks nervous and probably has no idea the lengths Dream Builders Care go through to make her feel normal.

What makes Dream Builders Care Work is nothing short of community collaboration with local property owners, the Stefanelli Family and the vision of leaders like Ursula who invest their time and money giving back to those less fortunate.

Smart City Perth and the Swan Chamber of Commerce celebrate individuals and companies that know the value of giving back. I look forward to sharing ongoing stories of lives being transformed as a result of mixing business with social impact over the coming months.

If you’d like to know more on how to invest and get involved with Dream Builders Care, Midland, check out their website by clicking onto the logo and contact them direct.

Why prisons? – It’s a compelling opportunity to develop Smart Prisons

I know nothing about prisons, the workings of a criminal mind or how the systems of incarceration facilities operate to minimise recidivism. What I do know is, we can dramatically change the current outcomes by introducing a consciousness of moral law.

An intelligent young man living on the streets. I bought him breakfast in exchange for his story, 4 am in the PERTH CBD – He’s been in and out of prisons and will continue the cycle unless his life is disrupted in a wholesome way.

The most basic method of group thought and group control is routine. Routine has the ability to manipulate and manufacture a semblance of order while the storms brew in the souls of individuals.

This is true of a home, school or workplace that is considered strict for the sake of order rather than dovetail discipline (order) and develop personal awareness for an individual’s ability to make free will choices.

There comes a time where the natural order of things reveal themselves. Parents feel the grief of ‘The rebellious years’, schools like the workplace can control a person as long as the person has the appetite for higher learning or the incentives of a job outweigh an unhealthy workplace culture. In all these areas there is still a relative amount of freedom.

Prisons however don’t offer any privilege of freedom by its very definition. A person is there to be punished for a crime and to be rehabilitated by order of the state. If the prison system has narrow room for the most the most fundamental of human motivation, to love and be loved, routine alone feeds toxicity. The current silos model of prison systems leaves little room for character development.

To bring a healthy change within a prison can only come from two areas.

  1. The leadership/ management team of a prison must be disrupted to believe change is possible. They must be governed by personal convictions of character. They must exhibit authenticity rather than give over to lip service and compliance. Most importantly leaders/ managers must know what it is to love and to be loved.
  2. Prisoners must have their conscience awakened and influenced by Moral Law. Obedience to Moral Law unlike obedience to routine alone is what sparks freedom even in confinement. Creating an entry level for prisoners to experience Moral Law can be birthed through Motivation Talks delivered by impartial individuals that are independent of prison management and the prisoner. I call these unique characters Corporate Hippies, these are the modern day elders and sages.

The ultimate aim of any prison is to keep society safe and to deliver consequences to those that threaten social peace and order. It’s in the best interest of any society to create a prison culture that prepares individuals to reintegrate back into society in the hope that they never return to confinement. The transition back into society must be coupled with organisations that embrace Moral Law as a fundamental motivator leading individuals to full acceptance and restoring dignity.

A new wholesome culture must be introduced deliberately in order to keep the management and staff healthy and the obvious effect triggers change among prisoners.

Prisons are a compelling opportunity to invest in those who are in the care of the state, it also reveals the attitude of the state.

Moral Law cuts through every unhealthy culture, belief system and empty rhetoric. Smart Cities don’t hide this part of society, they highlight every fiber of the fabric of what makes for a healthy city.

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t touch it. Unfortunately, the current prison systems are broken and the blame rests on society if it doesn’t introduce new methods to bring wholesome change.

Why prisons? – It’s a compelling opportunity to develop Smart Prisons

Off the beaten track – Paths that sharpen a leader’s senses

There is something disturbing about the silence of an unchartered track, especially when we make the shift from the safe path to the unknown.

While most people can get frustrated by routine, rarely will they give it up in order to explore possibilities.

The day we launch our new business and open the doors, the anxiety or gut wrenching feeling until the first customer buys our goods and services.

The day we invest our money until the day we see the return can be unsettling.

Pioneering a new idea has moments of silence where we question our ability to pull off what’s in our heart.

It’s in the silence of a new direction that a creative mindset takes place and our inner voice becomes very distinct.

Silence in uncharted territory is where the magic happens, it’s where the new song gets written that has a melody that no one has ever heard.

Avoid the temptation to talk about the struggles too much during those silent periods especially with others that can’t see or feel what you do. Their good intentions will feed your fear of failure.

There are still too many ideas that haven’t been realised and the world is waiting for pioneers to stick to the off beaten tracks until the silence is broken.

A Smart City masterpiece and an end of tribalism

The moment someone leaves an organisation, family, job, club, it’s like leaving a tribe. There is a primitive mechanism that kicks in, the tribe regroups and isolates those who are seen as the defectors.

Having the courage to be inclusive is a sign of enlightenment and an end to primitive tribalism.

Tribes survive with us or without us and have done for thousands of years, they live on and maintain themselves. Tribes have an ability to adapt and build walls of distinction, us and them.

I’ve been a part of three distinct tribes in my life, a Greek/Macedonian family tribe, an orthodox religious tribe and a corporate business tribe, all displaying the same characteristics.

All three tribes tried to define me and when I couldn’t conform, each tribe isolated me ignorantly for their very survival.

The very idea of belonging to a specific tribe gives the tribe its meaning, be it good or bad.

Breaking free from the us and them mentality to be inclusive of all tribes to create a Smart City masterpiece would be a type of heaven on earth.

Who wouldn’t in there right mind want a taste of heaven here on earth, a place filled with peace, prosperity and hope for generations to come.

Over two thousand years ago a political and religious prisoner on an island was ostracised for his beliefs had an incredible revelation of what heaven would be like and I’ll paraphrase ~ ‘It’s a place that includes every tribe and language from the four corners of the earth, an innumerable number of people who were held accountable to the wisdom of the ages’

I’ve had the privilege of travelling extensively to many parts of the world and communicating with so many people groups. I’m convinced that we are all conditioned by tribalism and yet there is an inner voice of conscience that seeks to be free from the us and them mentality.

Imagine building a city, a truly smart city with all the bells and whistles of technology that embraces the idea of inclusivity. Accomodating every people group, a multicultural, multigenerational city championing what it is to be human and each being answerable to our God given conscience.

I believe PERTH has the makings of a truly world class Smart City masterpiece if we have the courage to be inclusive, embrace difference and celebrate the tapestry of diversity.

Over the last five years I had the privilege of consulting within a construction company as a Chaplain/ Mentor. The company was represented by over sixty nationalities and their flags were raised around the head office site. Each person’s ability to be part of a great company didn’t mean to deny their tribe and culture. The company who is led by a philosophical managing director invites colleagues to add the best part of their tribe and culture to create a smarter and more wholesome company as long as they hold themselves accountable to do what is right.

Perth’s in a privileged part of the world where our nations laws are continually developing to accommodate such opportunities, that has not yet been experienced in the history of man.

Smart City Perth challenges tribalism at its worst and encourages distinction of identity at its best.

I’m a proud Greek/Macedonian/Australian who endeavours to live by two laws, to love God with all my heart and mind and soul, held answerable to conscience and to love my neighbor like I love myself.

If I can achieve a token of the above, I have little room for the us and them mentality.

The urbanism migration predicts that 60% of the world’s population will be living in cities, we have the opportunity to build a Smart City Masterpiece on our doorstep.

The Job is the boss

I had a catch up with the General Manager of Hanssen Construction just before Christmas and he gives me a gift, my now new coffee cup that I use each morning.

Reminding me that ‘The Job is the Boss’ What job?

I heard this term some years ago when attending manager site meetings on various construction jobs. During the meetings, they’d often heat up and managers would look to blame someone for falling behind or mistakes that have been made. It was at those strategic points,Gerry Hanssen, the Managing Director would pull the reigns on everyone and remind them that ‘The Job is the Boss’

It was quite an empowering term that others heard but didn’t listen or understand. Gerry was clearly saying that ‘The Job’ out ranks everyone and ‘The Job’ determines what happens next.

There was no time for personal gripes or factions because they undermine ‘The Job’ and the end game was to finish the job on time and on budget.

Over the course of time Gerry defined what ‘The Job is the Boss’ meant to him with 12 rules likened to the Ten Commandments, Gerry will often laugh and say “God gave me an extra two rules” (Non negotiable principles that empower us to reach our objectives)

I believe ‘The Job is the Boss’ can be applied to so many areas in life.

– Raising a family

– Living a life on purpose

– Starting a business or not for profit

– Rebuilding an existing business or not for profit that has lost its core vision

– Making a fresh commitment to ourselves of what we want out of life

Like Gerry, I believe if we define what it is that is the end goal and write down some non negotiable principles of how to reach that goal without violating our conscience, we’ll find the path reveals itself day by day.

So much of life is wasted like the proverbial going round the mountain again and again because so many people don’t have clear objectives of where they’re trying to go in life.

Pick a destination and we’ll find that it becomes a powerful force in itself to help us reach our goals.

‘The Job is the Boss’ untangles so much mental, physical and emotional clutter.

When people think they know you who you are from a distance?

I am who I am and can be nothing more. What I can be, is a healthier version of me or a run down sickly version of me, but to be anything else is impossible.

Its most naive to profile someone based on our observation and hearsay, believing we have great insight into the human psyche.

I believe most people have no idea who they are let alone have the confidence to judge another person. We are all a masterpiece unfolding and there’s something beautiful about accepting such a mystery.

I received a private message on a social media platform from someone who believes they know me. They’ve seen me perform, they’ve read my thoughts and seemed curious that I’m starting a new project called Smart City Perth.

His message ended with the following “Will be interested to see how far you get with your latest reincarnation. What I have seen so far is recycled material, but let’s see how you go”

My response to anyone that thinks they know you would be simple.

Of course I am who I am, who else would I be, as for recycled material, implying I am the same person as I was ten, twenty, thirty years ago, is absurd.

Let me explain

I have a beautiful fig tree in my back yard, it is what it is, a fig tree, it can be nothing else but a fig tree. Is it the same as it was when it was first planted, no. Is it a recycled fig tree, no. Is it a reincarnated fig tree, no. It’s a fig tree that produces nothing but figs. If the tree is nurtured well and the conditions are right, it will produce beautiful figs. If it is neglected, it will start to fade and the figs will disappear. This fig tree will never transform into another type of tree, it’s destiny is set, it can only produce figs.

As for my new venture, Smart City Perth and where it’s going isn’t completely determined by me. If I do my part and the conditions are right, it will produce what I’ve always produced in the right conditions, healthy fruit. People’s lives will look better, taste better, be better. That’s all I’m called to do, nothing more, nothing less.

To any aspiring person looking to take risks, be prepared to be scrutinised, ridiculed and maligned. Like insects looking for the nectar in my backyard figs, you’ll always have parasites that will take value out of the bigger picture and destroy potential fruit by their ignorance.

I am who I am and can be nothing more. What I can be, is a healthier version of me or a run down sickly version of me, but to be anything else is impossible.

Since my late teens, I’ve had a camera by my side and a story to tell, decades later, I’m still the same, hopefully healthier.

A Corporate Hippie’s impact

This is the person that has come of age, experience and maturity to know what they don’t want and free to follow their dreams.


The Corporate Hippie refreshes those within their sphere of influence, always leading others through the terrain and encouraging them to follow moral law rather than outdated paths and systems.

The Corporate Hippie adapts to every opportunity with chameleon characteristics likened to the Ancient Saint Paul, paraphrased “I became all things to all people so that by all possible means I might help some become complete”

The Corporate Hippie isn’t looking for validation in the immediate, knowing that they will stir the pot, disrupt the comfortable and extend a hand to the weak and vulnerable. When all is said and done, the Corporate Hippie does so much more behind the scenes while they speak the future into existence.

The Corporate Hippie talks in riddles, lives life with apatite, influences those within their orbit and their focus is unparalleled.

The Corporate Hippie is led by a calling that even they can’t explain. They are compelled to create, to fashion, to nurture life. They see neither colour nor creed, they see things as they are.

If you find yourself hearing the call to be a Corporate Hippie, you’ll never find peace till you yield.

The qualifications of a Corporate Hippie are difficult to articulate but one thing is for sure, a Corporate Hippie’s Impact is the fruit they produce.

They breathe life in people wherever they go.