Making a difference by having an outta body experience

Who doesn’t want to leave their mark on the world?

From a backyard dream to influencing the masses, there is something in the human DNA that wants to impress upon their fellow human being, I’m somebody, my opinion matters.

The unfortunate natural pecking order of life

The toddler has already worked this out, understanding that life feels like a bit of a pecking order and through the art of manipulation the toddler can move up in the world.

It’s a crying shame that a significant amount of adults haven’t broken free from the toddler mindset, why would we when it allows us to have our own way. Through bullying, winging, crying, giving dirty looks, sulking, lying, throwing tantrums and playing emotional games, the adult gets everything the toddler gets and more.

The alternative is the amazing unnatural and unseen order of life we can all tap into called dying to self, allowing this outta body experience to take place

Every now and again we come across an adult that has an outta body experience and they seem to turn the world upside down. Their opinions hit you like a sledge hammer, every word they say is measured and you feel compelled to reflect on their words rather than resist them.

These individuals are hard to explain, nothing extraordinary about their appearance physically however their countenance does have an unexplained aura about them.

I’ve not met many of these people in my life but when you’re in their presence you know it. There are also some and I count myself one of them where we have moments where everything we touch turns to gold, everything we say comes to pass and like a wave hitting the beach, we’ve made impact in that moment.

By enlarge, I’d say there are plenty of people that walk in and out of significance and in my observation it’s when we die to self, some are just better at it than others.

Dying to self is the most adult thing we can do when it matters most but behaving like a toddler is only natural. If you don’t believe me, watch Parliament or sit around a board room table, it’s hilarious watching educated adults act like toddlers in a shameless behavior. They manipulatively put in on thick likened to a child on the supermarket floor embarrassing its mother to have its own way.

Dying to self creates the outta body experience where wisdom stores its treasures

Those that make it a habit of dying to self no longer validate themselves or seek the approval of the pecking order regime. These people of significance are the peace makers, world changers, restorers of social justice and they influence the powers that be through their weighted words….

I said ‘they influence the powers that be through their weighted words’

Next time there is an opportunity to make a difference, don’t be so hesitant to win the argument, die to self and win the person.

A father’s heart is integral to a city’s fabric, not just a father’s paycheque

In a world riddled with uncertainty, the fabric of society is held together not by mortar alone.

Connectivity and safety in society cannot be drummed into our boys with anti bully slogans or the threat of discipline from a heartless system. Our girls ought to feel safe without thinking twice.

A father’s heart raises the sons of a city to have the fortitude of a warrior, ready to defend its city as well as raise their sons to have the heart of velvet, ready to nurture and instil values to their sons so that the daughters of a city feel safe in every corner.

A child craves the love of a mother as well as a father and when one is absent, let us citizens take the slack and offer to defend and nurture where needed before that child is robbed of their innocence.

The softer side to hard data

The dark side of great data and number crunching erodes basic intuition and the survival skills of the masses.

The talk of job losses resulting from technology is not new nor should it be surprising to anyone that still thinks for themselves.

For us baby boomers, we can recall back in the 70s in Perth, Western Australia the whole self serve petrol stations concept when it started rolling out. The talk of job losses and how could we expect ordinary people to handle petrol and yet in other parts of the world the self serve petrol stations were already in place in the late forties.

When we try to hold on too hard to anything, we miss the opportunity to adapt and embrace so much more.

Having said that, I believe there is a dark side when our lives are nothing more than analytics. Numbers and hard data may to some degree tell us about our past behaviour and current behaviour but it takes insight and wisdom utilise aspects of the data to bring change and new direction to a person or enterprise.

There is no nurturing back to life when technology is fully depended upon.

Let’s take the self serve petrol stations as an example and those of us that remember that feeling of being served and not rushing life. There was something pleasant about someone coming to your car window and asking how much petrol you wanted. While they filled your tank they would clean your windscreen and check your tyres. It seems the only ones that have benefited from the whole self serve industry was the petrol cartels and there bottom dollar, we the customer didn’t benefit, petrol prices have gone up 800% since the good old days.

Next time you think your tech savvy, just remember the big data may be slowly taking away the very essence of what it is to be human.

Smart people take only a extracts out of hard analytics, vital information and use wisdom to transform vital data into opportunities. Smart people also cast out the majority of analytics and numbers that the herd have come to rely on.

Smart City Perth is keen to assist the next generation in job creation rather than fear technology. Smart City Perth Network will be equipping our youth with the right tools and Insane Domains who is one of our supporting partners who is here to serve you.

Insane Domains is supporting and facilitating smart business people by taking all the unnecessary headaches out of your business ideas, helping you to govern your own future.

Building tomorrows cities with social justice (love) at its core

Love is a word least likely to appear in a building contract or a developers feasibility, yet love guarantees sustainability.

Having spent the past forty years of my career in family business, the not for profit and the property sector, I’m convinced ‘Love is what keeps us together’

Love, compassion, mercy and justice are the fabric of the human experience world wide. The more we try to legislate these terms, we ruin the very meaning of them.

Family business that forgets love becomes the most bitter and poisonous of all human relationships. Blood is thicker than water but a loveless family endeavour is a major core to civil unrest. If we can disregard blood for the sake of greed and self preservation what hope is there for the greater society.

When we take love out of social service and merely follow an action plan, a policy or a text, everything becomes open to interpretation. Organisations don’t become corrupt because of an overwhelming expression of selfless love, they become corrupt when they neglect the fibre of the human spirit which yields to the golden rule rather than the written law.

When love and good will lose their meaning through clever auditors as they look to define the value of good will, consider that business on its death spiral and watch the magic of that business dissolve. Business endeavours that last are often birthed through love, inspiration and good intentions with trust as its foundation. The moment trust is blurred so is that business.

Tomorrow’s cities must recapture social justice (love) to be at its core otherwise we will build cities that inhabit humans filled with heavy baggage… depression, poverty, aggression, distrust, homelessness, violence, segregation etc..

‘Love is what keeps us together’

‘Love is what makes us liberal’

‘Love is what holds people to account’

Without love, society begins to erode and no amount of smart technology can reverse this.

Smart people recapture the meaning of love, they give it away every day of their lives never losing one ounce of love for themselves.

‘Love is what keeps us together’

Bob couldn’t have sung it better One Love

Compassion fatigue sets in when we don’t have an off button

We must acknowledge the end of a season and reflect on how good that season was, otherwise we’ll miss the whole point of compassion.

Making a difference comes in seasons

There’s a time to sow and there’s a time to reap, smart people know the difference and there’s definitely a time to let the soil rest and replenish, preparing for the next season.

Life is a long game and those that make the greatest effect know how to work with the ebb and flow of seasons.

More cray cray visionaries like Gerry Hanssen

His weekend hobby looks a little like Stonehenge and it may be the perfect venue for Smart City Perth 2020 Perfect Vision Symposium. Gerry standing in the centre of his future thousand seat auditorium.

Nestled in the heart of the Swan Valley, one of Perth premier tourism regions, Gerry Hanssen has set out to build a state of the art SMART one thousand seat auditorium, one hundred plus room five star resort. With all the trappings that come with a five a star experience, this resort is a piece of revolutionary art. It’s shaped like a cruise ship with its infinity pool and restaurants overlooking the Perth foothills.

Walking around the resort with Gerry, he explains how he has been building this multi million dollar project on a shoestring budget reusing what most builders discard as rubbish.

Gerry would go on to say “There is so much waste in the building industry and I aim to reuse what others see as rubbish, they just lack imagination”

Gerry proudly describes every corner of the project with incredible foresight and detail. In his seventies, he puts in fifty plus years of imagination and craftsmanship of his building trade into this hobby as he calls it.

He points to a curved wall and enthusiastically shares how the guys that built that wall have never laid bricks before. Gerry has even chosen to work with and train rehabilitating drug addicts and they will end up building a significant part of this sustainable resort.

Gerry shares with a smile “Some texture paint that I picked up at an auction will cover any small mistake these guys have made and the colour is just perfect for that wall.”

What’s important to Gerry is that these guys (x drug addicts) who have also been discarded by bad choices have a second chance to rebuild their own confidence by investing in them. Gerry sees the potential in people and invests in them that many would just pass over.

From concept to reality

Be it grey water or smart power, the ultimate aim is to facilitate a centre that can cater for up to 3000 people with all its restaurants, retail areas, function rooms and accommodation.

Gerry takes it in his stride to build this dream OASIS as he calls it on the doorstep of Perth city.

Smart City Perth see this as a perfect setting to host Smart City Perth 2020 Perfect Vision Symposium.

Gerry is keen to support Smart City Perth and any other cray cray idea that makes a difference to the world around us.

More cray cray visionaries like Gerry Hanssen please.

More high-rise mixed use Apartments in the heart of the city with a 5 star hotel culture.

A city centre should be the epicentre of living, working, eating and playing. Let’s rid our city of traffic jams and unwholesome living.

A city centre that ought to attract world class head offices, entrepreneurs, visionaries and the most curious tourist.

There is a renewal happening at a grassroots level as the transition takes place from the natural resources boom to the human potential revival.

Human potential is that enduring quality in us that not only survives hardship but thrives as a result of rebirthing.

Over the last few years, the economic bleakness and uncertainty of Western Australia has awakened many of the next generation to explore options not even in existence a few short years ago.

Through technology and effective living we have the potential to revolutionise our city as a global hot spot for business with emerging economies right at our doorstep.

Most importantly we can create a city heart that attracts thousands of students, skilled migrants and world class start ups.

We can create a city heart that draws the most inquisitive tourists from the four corners of the world to stay longer, spend more and dread the idea of going home. They will explore nature’s treasures of our south west and our remote north as they were from the dawn of time, sharing their experiences with the rest of the world of destinations not to be missed.

We need to keep building more high-rise mixed use apartments and retrofit Commercial buildings for mixed use to bring life, colour and culture where it belongs, the heart of the city.

Perth, is the gateway to Australia and we must continue to build a city that reflects such a noble location.

A smart city tip – Did you know that India will have 50,000,000 outbound tourists by 2020. We must capture this market by creating direct flight from Perth to Chennai as gateway cities to these two great nations.

Perth has every reason to be optimistic if we collaborate to make technology, tourism, training and trade our priorities.