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Smart City Perth is facilitating what it takes to create sustainable global cities by connecting like-minded visionaries, government bodies, technicians and investors to the table.

Smart City Perth is an initiative that supports, encourages and promotes smart business and social impact models. Smart City Perth challenges the smart use of data and the latest technology as well as the soft skills of leadership and the pragmatic skills of management that are the imperatives to creating sustainable global cities.

The only way to measure the SMART CITY SPACE is the effect it has on on its citizens, person to person, house to house, community to community, business to business.

If you have a positive story to tell in the smart space, SMART CITY PERTH wants to hear from you. We are keen to build a network of like-minded social and business entrepreneurs and promote good news to a world crying out for wholesome and effective leadership.


It’s smart to connect Australia to India

Smart City Perth is working on the following two year project as part of the greater vision which will become clearer over the coming months.

Currently Smart City Perth is seeking the connection between Perth, Western Australia and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India to be the gate ways between these two great nations. Smart City Perth has its focus on building a global sustainable city in one of the most remote regions of the world, Perth, Western Australia. Smart City Perth has also identified Chennai, Tamil Nadu as one of the most progressive and economically emerging cities in the world. Smart City Perth see this relationship as an obvious opportunity for both nations.

The first thing that must happen is establishing direct flights between these two cities as an imperative to opening sustainable opportunities in Technology – Tourism – Training – Trade.

In the spirit of transparency and adding to the world wide revival of like-minded smart visionaries, government bodies, technicians and investors, Smart City Perth is working on ‘Smart City Perth 2020 Perfect Vision Symposium’. Smart City Perth is currently collaborating numerous stakeholders across a wide range of sectors to make this happen.

Preview 2020 Perfect Vision
Smart City Perth


Smart City Perth acknowledge the following businesses as supporters of the Smart City Perth philosophy, which is to connect people to opportunity in the SMART SPACE and encourage other businesses to join in the collaboration.

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