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The makings of reproductive influencers

The Job is the boss

I had a catch up with the General Manager of Hanssen Construction just before Christmas and he gives me a gift, my now new coffee cup that I use each morning.

Reminding me that ‘The Job is the Boss’ What job?

I heard this term some years ago when attending manager site meetings on various construction jobs. During the meetings, they’d often heat up and managers would look to blame someone for falling behind or mistakes that have been made. It was at those strategic points,Gerry Hanssen, the Managing Director would pull the reigns on everyone and remind them that ‘The Job is the Boss’

It was quite an empowering term that others heard but didn’t listen or understand. Gerry was clearly saying that ‘The Job’ out ranks everyone and ‘The Job’ determines what happens next.

There was no time for personal gripes or factions because they undermine ‘The Job’ and the end game was to finish the job on time and on budget.

Over the course of time Gerry defined what ‘The Job is the Boss’ meant to him with 12 rules likened to the Ten Commandments, Gerry will often laugh and say “God gave me an extra two rules” (Non negotiable principles that empower us to reach our objectives)

I believe ‘The Job is the Boss’ can be applied to so many areas in life.

– Raising a family

– Living a life on purpose

– Starting a business or not for profit

– Rebuilding an existing business or not for profit that has lost its core vision

– Making a fresh commitment to ourselves of what we want out of life

Like Gerry, I believe if we define what it is that is the end goal and write down some non negotiable principles of how to reach that goal without violating our conscience, we’ll find the path reveals itself day by day.

So much of life is wasted like the proverbial going round the mountain again and again because so many people don’t have clear objectives of where they’re trying to go in life.

Pick a destination and we’ll find that it becomes a powerful force in itself to help us reach our goals.

‘The Job is the Boss’ untangles so much mental, physical and emotional clutter.

When people think they know you who you are from a distance?

I am who I am and can be nothing more. What I can be, is a healthier version of me or a run down sickly version of me, but to be anything else is impossible.

Its most naive to profile someone based on our observation and hearsay, believing we have great insight into the human psyche.

I believe most people have no idea who they are let alone have the confidence to judge another person. We are all a masterpiece unfolding and there’s something beautiful about accepting such a mystery.

I received a private message on a social media platform from someone who believes they know me. They’ve seen me perform, they’ve read my thoughts and seemed curious that I’m starting a new project called Smart City Perth.

His message ended with the following “Will be interested to see how far you get with your latest reincarnation. What I have seen so far is recycled material, but let’s see how you go”

My response to anyone that thinks they know you would be simple.

Of course I am who I am, who else would I be, as for recycled material, implying I am the same person as I was ten, twenty, thirty years ago, is absurd.

Let me explain

I have a beautiful fig tree in my back yard, it is what it is, a fig tree, it can be nothing else but a fig tree. Is it the same as it was when it was first planted, no. Is it a recycled fig tree, no. Is it a reincarnated fig tree, no. It’s a fig tree that produces nothing but figs. If the tree is nurtured well and the conditions are right, it will produce beautiful figs. If it is neglected, it will start to fade and the figs will disappear. This fig tree will never transform into another type of tree, it’s destiny is set, it can only produce figs.

As for my new venture, Smart City Perth and where it’s going isn’t completely determined by me. If I do my part and the conditions are right, it will produce what I’ve always produced in the right conditions, healthy fruit. People’s lives will look better, taste better, be better. That’s all I’m called to do, nothing more, nothing less.

To any aspiring person looking to take risks, be prepared to be scrutinised, ridiculed and maligned. Like insects looking for the nectar in my backyard figs, you’ll always have parasites that will take value out of the bigger picture and destroy potential fruit by their ignorance.

I am who I am and can be nothing more. What I can be, is a healthier version of me or a run down sickly version of me, but to be anything else is impossible.

Since my late teens, I’ve had a camera by my side and a story to tell, decades later, I’m still the same, hopefully healthier.

A Corporate Hippie’s impact

This is the person that has come of age, experience and maturity to know what they don’t want and free to follow their dreams.


The Corporate Hippie refreshes those within their sphere of influence, always leading others through the terrain and encouraging them to follow moral law rather than outdated paths and systems.

The Corporate Hippie adapts to every opportunity with chameleon characteristics likened to the Ancient Saint Paul, paraphrased “I became all things to all people so that by all possible means I might help some become complete”

The Corporate Hippie isn’t looking for validation in the immediate, knowing that they will stir the pot, disrupt the comfortable and extend a hand to the weak and vulnerable. When all is said and done, the Corporate Hippie does so much more behind the scenes while they speak the future into existence.

The Corporate Hippie talks in riddles, lives life with apatite, influences those within their orbit and their focus is unparalleled.

The Corporate Hippie is led by a calling that even they can’t explain. They are compelled to create, to fashion, to nurture life. They see neither colour nor creed, they see things as they are.

If you find yourself hearing the call to be a Corporate Hippie, you’ll never find peace till you yield.

The qualifications of a Corporate Hippie are difficult to articulate but one thing is for sure, a Corporate Hippie’s Impact is the fruit they produce.

They breathe life in people wherever they go.

Blind bosses missed Junior’s value, undoubtedly their loss

First time I recall meeting Junior was in a stairwell of a high-rise construction company called Hanssen, he smiled a lot, but he also carried the world on his shoulders.

Junior was already married and a family man before his twenty first birthday and he was thousands of miles from his hometown.

We connected instantly and chatted here and there when we could about life. Junior being new to the company, started off as a labour doing long hours just looking to put food on the table. He tells me how he was exploited by previous bosses in other industries because of his age and lack of skills.

I gain Junior’s trust after a while and he asks if I did marriage counselling? Junior was willing to do anything to build a strong marriage but felt he had little guidance to build a solid foundation for the future of his family.

We organised to meet with his wife and child in a cafe in the city and I just looked at them and thought how fortunate they both are to have one another, just a beautiful young couple that were just starting out.

Fact was, I hated the idea of counselling them as though I had some magical remedy for them. We talked for a while and we laughed about some stuff, by enlarge they just needed reassurance that they were going to be ok.

Most marriages fade when one just stops believing in the magic and fails to make the small choices and then the other partner slowly dies to.

After that meeting as I often do, I ask if I could pray on their behalf and bestow a blessing on their lives. It’s my way of sharing the basics of human dignity in the areas of love, hope and charity, the three cords that reinforce the marriage vows.

It’s been years since that day, just chatting at the city cafe and I’m so proud of Junior and his wife. Junior developed numerous skills within construction and ended up in the concrete team, an integral part of the construction process and his reputation goes before him. I heard his wife is very Community minded, always giving back these days.

It’s young couples like Junior and his wife that make Chaplaincy and Mentoring truly satisfying.

Previous bosses missed the potential of young men like Junior who was just trying to make ends meet and establish a home for himself, their loss and Hanssen’s gain.

These days when I see Junior smile, I don’t see the weight of the world on his shoulders as he embraces love, hope and charity on a far more mature level.

The beauty of ageing gracefully and refusing to worry

2018 greeted me with a series of medical checks

My glasses are thicker, I had my first rear tooth mola removed and then things get a little more intense.

Mid year I welcomed a five inch scar along my lower spine after a procedure to remove a malignant melanoma and to finish off the year, I had my first colonoscopy.

When did I turn into that guy?

One minute I’m young without even a thought of these midlife checks, the next, I’m confronted with life threatening concerns.

What’s my response to such concerns?

Be it tomorrow or forty years from now, I intend on going to the grave when my time comes, worn out, squeezed out, but not rusted out.

These checks and procedures are just a reminder that this body I inhabit is not my ultimate home, I’m just passing through.

The very idea of retirement is repulsive, the very idea of slowing down isn’t an option.

I believe that we are spiritual beings that inhabit our bodies and when our bodies have run their course, we move on.

Being young or old is a state of mind. I’ve come across too many young people that carry the world on their shoulders and that’s not their burden to carry.

I’ve also met some seasoned people that have cast off their cares into the hands of God who has lightened their burden.

Do not worry about tomorrow, live a full today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

I celebrated one of my grandsons birthdays today, just seeing his beautiful face reminded me how truly blessed I am.

I believe our best days are always before us if we are guided by a life of hope, charity and love.

Two years off the Social Media grid – Why come back?

How many would close a business because it’s going too well? Hardly, however there are some things more important than popularity.

For me it’s the validation of authenticity and no one can answer that but ourselves.

There is nothing I hate worse than forever talking about yesterday’s victories, we must be current in our victories if we are to survive and thrive.

After seven years of social media, I switched it off, deleted all contacts and vanished off the virtual grid to rebuild, reignite and sharpen my real world experience (Basically getting my creative voice back)

I originally started my social media platform about ten years ago to widen my circle of influence, continuing to make a difference to the next generation, helping them to be creative as they find their voice.

It’s hard to admit but there are seasons in life where our voice can fade and we find ourselves just going through the motions. No matter how large the platform grew and the opportunities presented to me, I felt my voice fading. While my public life was increasing, my soul was dying leading up to my two year sabbatical from all things virtual.

Being popular doesn’t always equate to making an impact.

I’d gone through a similar experience twenty years earlier as a speaker travelling extensively around the world doing seminars three weeks out of a month. The continual stage work blurred my reality and it was time to settle for a season to get my voice back.

Over the last two years I went back to basics rediscovering why I do what I do and why should I share it with others?

The fact is, I do what I do off the stage or grid and have done for decades. I live it, breathe it and am compelled to live a full life and all social media does is allow others a small Porthole into a very real life.

Recently I felt to come back to the social media platform and hopefully my fresh creativity will have an even greater reach influencing the next generation to find their voice and meaning.

Rebuilding a new platform is half the fun as you ask yourself “Do I still have something to say that can influence another person to seek out a better life for themselves?”

I think the answer is yes.

Your story matters also, so let’s get your voice out there influencing the next generation to live a full life.

Smart City Perth will be part of my new platform to help others succeed and build an authentic life that can change the world.

Every knee will bow at some point in life

When we’re young, we bow our knee with enthusiasm to all sorts of loyalties, confessing our allegiances to family, best friends, team, career, country, beliefs etc…

Out of our youthful strength with our hand holding the sword tight, ready to stand and fight without a second thought.

When we’re older, we often bow our knee out of weakness as we hold the sword to keep us steady. We are willing to stay down longer than our youthful days, hoping to hear wisdom, the voice of God or find peace for all the shallow loyalties and the collateral damage we caused.

We will all bow our knee at some point in life, we just have to figure out why and what’s worth fighting for?

The above picture was sketched by a brilliant artist and friend, Mark Bruning. It depicts a soldier bowed before his God given conscience, ready to stand only in obedience to his conscience even at the cost of his life, rather than just obey orders.

I witnessed such unconditional love, peace and strength that I’m yet to experience in its intensity watching my ageing mother in her nineties exemplify what it is to bow before conscience and walk a life of honour.

I pray every generation gets to experience such a life.